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Time is an endless passing traveller. I did many things in life, but making a living of my passion was one of the best. I always was dreaming about a new horizon so  I often packed up and left with my backpack, camera and notebook. For many years I combine photo-assignments and writing stories with discovering the world and Amsterdam, the city where I am living.

Travelling did not only act upon my life, but also changed my photographic point of view.  When I capture a single second of someone’s life with my camera, I want to tell a story with that image. That’s why I call myself a visual author, communicating by using images, literally: writing with light.



PUBLICATIONS a selection

- Z!, Straatnieuws, Straatjournaal (street magazines)

- Het Hart van de Stad (newspaper)

- Streetcornerwork/de Volksbond

- commercial assignments (AMC, BOB)

- book publications (Fietsen rond de wereld, Onverslijtbaar, Te Gast In)

- travel brochures

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